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The NESHASTEH KHOUSHEH ZARRIN company, with high cooperation and experience of its founders and engineers, has inaugurated the starch and gluten production factory from wheat flour in BOJNOURD (the center of NORTH KHORASAN) that is of the fertile regions for cultivation wheat and is ready to deliver starch, gluten and the derivatives of starch, like oxide-starch with a high quality.


the company products of wheat flour:

  • ultrapurification starch
  • oxide starch
  • excellent starch
  • active gluten
  • animal feed
the company products of corn:
  • The oxide starch
  • the starch, gluten and other derivatives production line machinery

Our Products


the starch is a polymer of glucose molecules and/or we can say that the starch, is one of the Amylose and Amylopectin units that is formed of different parts of glucose.

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the gluten, is a combination of protein, carbohydrate and fat and when, the dough is washed and the starch and the soluble materials in water, are separated ...

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Oxide strach

the oxide starch, is a corrected material that reacts in closure with oxidizer materials and has less viscosity and more fluidity rather than raw starch.

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Animal Feed

Animal Feed Starch , is consisting of this components: The weak and semi-active gluten with low viscosity and elasticity and

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About Us

NESHASTE KHOOSHE ZARRIN Company was established in 2008 and active in the production of starch, gluten, animal feed from wheat flour and starch oxide from corn and wheat flour @ designing and manufacturing starch machinery.

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